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User Management

User Management is a critical aspect of overseeing the application's user base within the Zango platform. This module empowers administrators and developers to efficiently manage users' access and permissions while ensuring a secure and organized environment. Here's an overview of the key functionalities provided by the User Management system:

User Management Functionalities

  • Add Users: Administrators and developers can add new users to the application. During user creation, the appropriate user role and policies can be assigned to the user.

  • View Users: The User Management system presents a comprehensive view of all users in the application. This view includes details such as username, user role, assigned policies, and more.

  • Update User Details: User details can be modified as needed. This includes changing information such as username, contact details, and more.

  • Change User Roles: The User Management system allows for changing the user role assigned to a user. This feature ensures adaptability as users' roles or responsibilities evolve.

  • Assign Policies: Administrators and developers can assign policies directly to users, tailoring their access and permissions based on specific requirements. Refer to the "Assigning Policies to Users" section for more details on this process.

  • Reset Password: In the event of password issues or security concerns, administrators can initiate password resets for users, enhancing security and user support.

  • Archive Users: Users who no longer require access to the application can be archived, preserving their information for historical reference. Archiving ensures a streamlined and up-to-date user base without permanent deletion.

  • Delete Users: Users who no longer require access to the application can be removed from the user list, maintaining a streamlined and up-to-date user base.

Seamless User Administration

By harnessing the capabilities of the User Management system, administrators and developers can efficiently handle the user lifecycle within the application. This includes onboarding new users, maintaining accurate user data, adjusting user roles and permissions, and ensuring security through password resets. The User Management module contributes to the overall efficiency, security, and user experience of your healthcare applications.