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Introducing Workflow

Welcome to the Workflow Package documentation, a robust framework designed to manage the lifecycle of data models through status transitions. This guide aims to provide developers with an in-depth understanding of how to integrate and utilize Workflow functionalities to streamline workflow management within your applications. The key features of this package are as follows:

  • Status Definition: Users can define a comprehensive list of statuses for a given data model.
  • Transition Mapping: Define transitions between statuses with various attributes.
  • Execution Control: Transitions can be initiated and executed by users or system tasks.
  • Transaction Logging: Generate an associated document for recording the details of each transition.

Purpose of the Workflow Package

The Workflow Package serves as a foundational tool for structuring and controlling the flow of data model lifecycles. By defining statuses, mapping transitions, and executing actions, developers can enforce business rules and maintain transparency throughout the workflow process.

Target Audience

This guide is tailored for software developers seeking to manage data model lifecycles efficiently, project managers aiming to establish structured workflows and enforce business rules, and organizations requiring transparent audit trails and comprehensive records of status transitions.